What is WhatsApp Plus? WhatsApp is basically a
customizable where you can change the colors, sizes
and many other visual mods. Moreover, you can increase
the upload limit media (available limit of 16Mb) to send
large files of music or videos.
You can increase the quality of images sent (by default is
greatly diminished)
You can share music with just one click
you can leave offline
show photos of the schedule (in the chat screen)
itself stema of topics and can FULLY customize your
1 - Still on the normal version of Whats (from the Play
Store), go to settings, chat options, save conversations
and make a backup of your conversations;
2 - Uninstall Whatsapp normal, but do not delete the
folders from the app ... just uninstall it;
You can not install Whatsapp + without uninstalling the
original before ...
3 - Install Whatsapp Plus detection and wait for the
backup that you can restore it.

Updated Download - Zippyshare | Mediafire

This is the unlocked version, does not need or Root Key
(Activation Key) to change your online status



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what happen when we update the whatapp+ ?

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