The debut of MORPG best game for mobile, Dark Avenger! Join thousands of online players in dungeons in the world of Dark Avenger!


• New Class: A WITCH •

- The Great Witch joins our heroes in the dark!

- Create strategies with the Templar, the Slayer, Berserker or Witch to defeat the forces of evil

• Raid Boss Battle • Strategic Cooperative
- Up to 4 players can participate simultaneously from Raid Boss!
- Create strategies for all 4 heroes to defeat the New World Bosses!

• Graphics • Last Generation

- High Definition 3D Graphics with Dynamic Lighting!
- Side View Camera for dynamic gameplay!

• New Battle System • PvP 3x3
- No waiting list! Users can participate in epic PvP battle at any time!
- Accumulate victories / defeats and murders / deaths comperitr in the weekly rankings!

• Tower of the Infinite: The Hunt Never Stops • - Compete against the best players in the world every week!
- Reach the highest floor and become the best warrior!
- Defeat new bosses event on certain floors!

• 18 x 1: Top Game in Action •
- The automatic aim, allows players to experience intuitive gameplay!
- Use combos to devastating skills for eliminating several enemies at once!

Details Super Mod

High-speed motion. Speedorb gives you more speed. All passive skills costs a gold. All active skills cost a gold (except BP skills).

All abilities cost 0 mana. Attack speed of Characters: Archer = 2.5, = 2.5 Sorcerer, Templar and Berserk = 3 = 3. The speed of some skill is set to be larger than the ATT value.

No skill "cool" (just some of them). You can see the whole map in PVP (change to Action Camera in Single mode). Damage too high in IT (except bosses of events in IT).

Unlimited Coins (Each sold green stone gives you back 45000 gold). You can forge any weapon with green stones. Stop breaking STONES! Just buy enough green!

If you die in raid boss, will not leave! After 20 seconds, the timer will disappear, you will lie on the ground until the end. You will be rewarded! Infinite time in IT (except Bosses event) - the only time increases.

In the 5-second delay in PVP resurrection after death is instantaneous. When you or your enemies are raised, you are not invincible. You can beat your enemies as fast as possible! And they also. No delay when you become Warlord.

Warlord runs fast There are 30 seconds in PvP prohibited. You can stand and move throughout the match. You can see 500 winners in PVP. Raid Boss, you always create a new room.

You can play alone in Raid Boss. Ice resistance is increased.

Updated: January 28, 2014
Current version: 1.2.8
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Size: 50M

★DARK AVENGER v1.2.8 Mod Apk★


1 - Uninstall any previous version.

2 - Install the new version, open, see will happen one of two options:
The game will hang on the loading screen, or start normally.

3 - Close the game and copy the file "data.jd" to the following directory:

4 - Okay, Now can Play!!!


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THIS GAME NOT Unlimited Coins AND Gold StonS

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Offline or not ?

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