The Great Martian War Apk v1.2.2 Mod [Unlimited Money]

The Martians have invaded! How long can you survive on the battlefield? You’ve seen the TV show on HISTORY® now relive for yourself the horrors of The Great Martian War. War is hell, especially when the enemy you must face are terrifying Martian warriors. You are Gus Lafonde, fearless scout and soldier and you must survive. The future of the planet, along with every human being, depends on you. Run through vast battlefields as you evade sneaky land mines, deafening artillery strikes, massive tanks, and towering Martian war machines. Collect rations and alien metals to unlock awesome new power-ups. Share your high score with friends on Twitter and Facebook and see how you rank against the rest of the world on Game Center leaderboards. Will you survive long enough to escape the battlefield and beat your friends?

FEATURES: •Breathtaking graphics: Immersive 3D visuals and sound effects place you in the middle of the Martian War. •Massive scale: Escape through dynamic vast environments and exciting set pieces as you earn Experience Points to upgrade your character. •Virtually endless gameplay: Randomly- generated levels allow for non-stop fun. •Achieve the impossible: In-game achievements challenge you to finish your mission and collect rewards. •Period-specific battle gear: Beat the odds with World War I-themed power-ups. •Ever-changing content: The Martian War universe is always expanding with ongoing content updates and new features! To find out more about The Great Martian War and other great shows visit



★The Great Martian War Apk v1.2.2
Mod [Unlimited Money]★


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