WhatsAppMD Apk v2.1.0 - Lollipop Edition

This is accurately whatsapp official, without mods off-line or any
thing as well as whatsapp plus ...
Which the great difference? But visual… this version is inspired in
last builds of the Android Lollipop, thus bringing so waited visual
material design…

What it has of new in the 2.1.0:
5.0.0 or superior:
- It does not have specific alterations for this version
4.4.4 and for low:
- Added to statusbar shadied for KitKat
All the versions of the Android:
- Corrected to annex menu of deep black color in MDPI
- On the screen now it shows to the WhatsAppMD version
- Icon of the camera removed in the field of chat text
- (For modders) layout archives are more legible
- Project of field of improved text chat
- The table now shows an overlapping of blinding white when the
BAF is opened
- Project of the label of text BAF Changed
- BAF already does not remain open when leaving and to come


Apk (Emojis Original) - Zippyshare

Apk (Emojis Google) - Zippyshare


If the verification of the account to fail:

- The official version of the WhatsApp Installs

- The account Verifies

- It restores the messages (it will be had)

- Backup of the same ones Makes (it will be had)

- Desinstale WhatsApp

- WhatsAppMD Installs

All the content reproduced, in what it says respect the games and
applicatory for Android platform is come from sites and forums,
such here as its linkings (links).
In case that it has some publication that violates its copyrights, or
of some form comes to wound any that are its intellectual
workmanships, please, it enters in contact with us e we will go to
take the steps cabíveis.


Size 18mb


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